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 fig 1. Lost for words?* 

* You've found the right place...

Bring out the 
in your business

It's about the story you tell,


not the stuff you sell


Words by Jim tailors engaging written content for varied audiences, offering persuasive copy, strong slogans, and tangible business results. 


Whether you're a start-up, a big business, or an SME, I can help you to define or refine your voice.

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Design attracts

Copy sells

Let’s face it, bland gets you nowhere… your written content needs to be sharp, memorable, and of course, click-worthy. 

Words by Jim crafts effective and versatile copy for specialist (BTL) and broad target audiences (ATL).


Whatever it is that you do, I can find the right words to best connect you to your customers.

* You're only as good as your words...

COPY:  (noun)

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"Easy reading is damn hard writing"


- Nathaniel Hawthorne



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"Copy is not written. Copy is assembled"


- Eugene Schwartz

(author, 'Breakthrough Advertising')


How it Works

step 1. 

1.1 Head over to the 'contact' page, here

1.2 Fill out all the information regarding your project (the more I know, the more effective I can be).

1.3 If needs be we can email, Skype, meet in person, or talk on the phone to finalise the details.

step 3. 

3.1 I crack on with the project and commence word alchemy.

3.2 I give you updates on the progress of your project, if and when you want them.

step 5. 

5.1 You = delighted.

5.2 You pay the remainder of the quoted fee, minus the deposit.

5.3 Me = beaming with pride.

2.1 I provide you with a quote for how much the project will come to.

2.2 You pay a small deposit as a sign of good faith.

4.1 I submit the work upon completion, in time for the deadline.

4.2 I do any tweaks, snips or additions if you request them.

4.3 I re-submit the work, post-rejigging.

step 2. 

step 4. 

step 6? 

You kindly tell people how ace I am.







by Jim