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  fig 1. Who is Jim?* 

* When he's at home...


"Sometimes I use big words I don’t always fully understand in an effort to make myself sound more photosynthesis"  

-  Will Ferrell (comedian)


  fig 2. 

   fig 3. Special Powers* 

    * and assorted buffoonery...

  • Slogan writing

  • Web copy

  • Specialist Brochures

  • Advertising copy

  • Articles and blog posts

  • Translating technical jargon into laymen’s terms

  • Highly adaptable to a multitude of styles

  • Puns and ‘dad jokes’

  • BBQ food

  • Collecting 1980’s reissue running trainers that I don’t need and can’t afford

In a nutshell: Just a word nerd who gets a genuine kick out of crafting awesome copy to help turn your business into a beast...

I'm a freelance copywriter based in Stamford, Lincolnshire, but work all over the UK and beyond.


Copywriting: I settled into copywriting several years ago, having travelled and worked all over the world in different industries - with varying degrees of joy and despair.


I quickly discovered that I enjoyed helping to conceive, develop and produce effective advertising campaigns for passionate business owners. 


There are two things I have learned during the intervening years of writing copy:
1) it never gets boring

2) I genuinely love doing it.


I give my full attention to every aspect of a project and very much enjoy whittling down industry-specific jargon into palatable and punchy copy for the layman.


Personal stuff: I like to be creative at every opportunity. I unreservedly adore writing: graphic novels, kids books, short stories, and screenplays.

I enjoyed tinkering with language from a young age: writing articles, reviews, stories, lyrics, and perhaps some of the worst teenage poetry to stay mercifully hidden in a desk drawer.

Nerdy about: Travel, films, all things Star Wars (what prequels?), Otto (my Weimaraner), writing, reading, graphic novels (100 Bullets), George Carlin, Naomi Klein, Greek mythology, Stephen Fry, Glassjaw, festivals, whiskey, Paris, 1980's reissue running trainers, Parks & Rec.

Jamie (aka 'Jim')


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