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 fig 1. There's no such thing as a 'stupid question'* 

* But there are a few common ones...

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What is

'Wordsby Jim



 It’s a freelance copywriting and brand buzz-building business by me (I’m Jim). I craft professionally written content for specialist (BTL) and broad target audiences (ATL).


What does a copywriter do, exactly?


Writes copy! A copywriter crafts the written content for various advertising purposes. Copywriters are responsible for the text on websites, adverts, billboards, brochures, flyers, articles… you get the idea…


Why would I need a copywriter?!


For the same reason you need a designer to help create a logo…Sure, you can write your own copy and I’m sure it’ll be fine… but if it’s ‘fine’ it can never be fantastic. Design attracts but it’s copy that sells.


Can you write in my brand's voice, so it sounds like me?


 I sure can. I will research your brand or publication and make sure I understand your message and your core values. Once I’ve got to grips with your style I can emulate your voice and blend in to your brand.


How do I know if you're any good?


If you’ve read this far then I’m guessing I’ve not bored you rigid, so that’s a great start. You can read about me here, get an idea of my work here, and have a look at what clients have said about me here.


You live far away. Can we still work together?


Distance is not a deterrent in this day and age. We can talk via phone, email, WhatsApp, Skype or FaceTime, whatever works best for you. If a face to face meeting is essential then I’ll just come to you.


 Can I request edits, changes and  rewrites if I'm not satisfied?


 I encourage constructive feedback, it helps me to constantly improve and hone my skills, but it also means I get closer to your brand values, which helps me to convey your message in the best possible way.


How can we combine powers and create cool things together?


Aww shucks, I’m flattered. Clearly you have great taste. Go here to fill out a form, or email me at

jamie@words-by-jim.com and we can get the ball rolling.


I don’t have the budget to hire you. Will you work for free?


‘Freelance’ does not mean ‘free’.

BUT… I’m a charitable chap. If you work for a charity or startup then drop me a line and we can try to figure something out.