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 fig 1. Collaborations * 

* And co-conspirators...

For a small town, Stamford, Lincs has some colossal talent. 

I work closely with a specially selected group of local creatives who knock out superb work across the British Isles and beyond.

In the true spirit of community, we offer combined services at special rates.

(Plus they're all chilled, happy and down to earth professionals, so what's not to like?)

 fig 2. Kakadu Creative

Who’re the wizards behind the curtain? Kayleigh and Lee. 

What they do: Branding and design etc par excellence.

What they say: Kakadu Creative is an independent, versatile design company offering a multitude of services. Whether it’s print, digital, promotional material or branding, it’s always a bespoke tailored solution for you and your business needs.

What I say: Honest, genuine, passionate, talented…  are often little more than cliched sentiments, but these two are all of that and more. After years of slogging away in their respective industries, they have their game down to a fine art. Think you can find better? Not around these parts.

How we combine superpowers: They do the design, I do the words. Nice and simple.


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Who’re the wizards behind the curtain? Rich (and Rumble - quite possibly the coolest dog there ever was). 

What they do: Videography with verve.

What they say: Beach Media helps businesses engage with new and existing customers through the power of storytelling, using the fastest growing visual medium – video. Whether it's a company profile, a product or service review, a customer testimonial, event coverage or a clever promotional message, a video will say it better, quicker and more emotively than any other medium. What story do you want to tell?

What I say: Almost embarrassingly gifted, Beach Media can cobble together a video like no other (and I used to be a videographer, so thems is big words). Versatile in his range of styles, Rich has a veritable arsenal of nifty in-camera tricks he loves to experiment with. He can also do you something a little more straight forward, so whatever it is you want, Rich has you covered.

Click the web link below and see for yourself.

How we combine superpowers: Need a punchy promo video? Rich does the filming and editing whilst I can cover the copy. That includes scripting or any other creative content you want in the video.


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 fig 2. Beach Media